[the flavor recipe scale of chili oil] - of encyclopedia of practice of _ of the _ method that make

Love to have the basin friend of chili, be opposite certainly oily hot pepper is not not close. And even a lot of people still can continue oneself make oily hot pepper. But want,oily hot pepper becomes sweet, the match that ami 建筑模板d sweet laborious expects has a lot of methods. In the light of Sichuan person character, they more the supplement that in be good at oily hot pepper, sw河南建筑模板公司eet laborious expects. We introduce a few kinds of general secret recipe to occupy in detail to we all now than, expect everybody can make more delicate and goluptious oily hot pepper. Oily hot pepper is a special skill in feeding, its practice is paid attention to very much, first any of several hot spice plants of millet of will new generation, any of several hot spice plants pointing to a day, 2 twigs of the chaste tree are occupied 3 kinds toward according to of day any of several hot spice plants fry than be being made by hand sweet fry crisp later pink of make it thick chili, put into buy of mix up of any of several hot spice plants of ginger of sesame seed, anise, fine, ginger, garlic, hemp, fennel to be put in oily basin, take bowl of one big iro附近批发模板BHn additionally, a建筑模板厂家AOdd edible oil lukewarm fluctuate to 240 degrees, green playing a circle comes down scamper, it is to decrease lukewarm, 2 it is to carry delicacy to go peculiar smell, when water Wen Jiang fluctuates to 120 degrees, cent second fall into the face tub that has chili wh木制定型模板ite, lean to one side is entered at the same time agitate, can control water in that way lukewarm ripe degree. Chili oil makes means pay attention to very much: After shallot head air is basked in, mix face of old Jiang Pi, chili uses edible oil together provoking, of face of shallot head, old Jiang Pi, chili occupy comparing is about 50: 1: 16. Wait for oily damp and hot, learn to put down green namely paragraph, ginger foam, water lukewarm need is careful to control, cannot make oil rolls heat, it is outfit of face of Chinese pric[......]

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