6.9 class strong shock raids Guatemala to send electric power of 5 dead place to interrupt a building to collapse

In report will occupy new network on June 15 outside inte山东菏泽富亿达木业有限公司rmediar

高唐县众发木业有限公司y report, gua工地装木模板标准LPtemala and Mexican south produce 6.9 clas

s strong shock 14 days local time, cause 5 people to die, electric power is interrupted and the building collapses.

Seismic institute expresses, shake center is located in Guatemala city昊森板材公司 to be saved with the Shengmake of 156 kilometers is being made an appo模板厂intment with on the west (San Marcos) .

Decrease calamit佛山建筑模板公司y to coordinate office according to Guatemala, include高档建筑模板产业发展 capital Guatemala city inside cent area and neighbour Mexico experience countrywide greater part to shake.

品牌建筑模板 This shake calamity reports 2 people to die at first, come out to additionally 3模板生产 people send death in the heart disease when seismic happening later. The movie that 祥石木业有限公司group providing disaster relief broadcasts shows, guatemala the building western collapses, the house that builds with clay and straw especially is abandoned suffer achieve the heaviest.

Governmental official shows: Of Mexican south strange inferior Paasche city (Chiapas)11 person is injured accept treatment. 20 buildings and 5 schools are damaged.

Guatemala is located in seismic danger danger zone, shengmake saves Ceng Yu 2012 reach ever encountered an earthquake invade 2014, cau

se tens of death.

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