Outside intermediary: India blasts off successfully " 1 arrow 31 stars " Mo Di is congratulated

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ntermediary report, indian space considers to organize (ISRO) says, 23 days, ind建筑模板支撑ia is successful with extremely PSLV-C38 of course satellite car哪里有建筑模板出售EDrier rocket serves aerospace 31 satellites.

Rocket from Bengal bay emissive field of the island launchs Silihelig批发建筑模板AAeda enter the space. The India that weighs 712 kilogram

s is homebred the main load that Cartosat-2 of remote sensing s建筑模板价格表atellite保定建筑模板公司 is a rocket.

T品牌建筑模板he others gross weight of satellite of 30 accept rice 243 kilograms, only 1 is Indian satellite, other 29 cent belong to 1NMSS-2020海子木业RJ4 countries, it is Latvi工程覆膜板BOan, Lithuania, Slovak, England and Austria, Belgium, Chile

,建筑模板规格 Czech, Finland, France, Ger建筑模板尺寸规格有几种many, Italy, Japan, United States respectively.

Indian premier Mo Di is in gregarious website " push special " on write: "Congratulant ISRO fires polar satellite carrier rocket successfully the 40th times, 31 satellites that carry 15 states enter the space. You make our country proud! You make our country proud!!

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