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oung Telangpu is pointed to to be in last year during general election, enter into an election contest to obtain father of adversary Hillary " black makings " and female lawyer of secret meeting Russia. Accompanying Telangpu group " the door that connect Russia " of disturbance ferment continuously, the main party in this incident -- Weisailinicikaya of Russia female lawyer (Natalia Veselnitskaya) was being accepted a few days ago when interviewing, express, whole thing is invest a company by only then achieve a person to hold the president, Bulaode with Russia become enemies concurrently (Browder) place is concoctive, the purpose depends on be in for him 2013 of play away wash black money lawsuit to undertake retaliation.

Weisailinicikaya is accepting " now Russia " when interviewing, express: "I already got ready clarify this one incident, but can pass through a lawyer only or have evidence to congress. But can pass through a lawyer only or have evidence to congress..

She pointed to spearhead subsequently Bulaode, say " once this spends tens of days the incident that still is being discussed by heat is compile meticu建筑用模板lously by Bulaode the story that come out, he is to do one of experts that accuse masses medium respect to be good at most. He is to do one of experts that accuse masses medium respect to be good at most..

Weisailinicikaya says, strange capital of hertz Er the base of a fruit runs a company (the author of Hermitage Capital Investment) held president Bulaode concurrently to make up this one false news activi

ty, the purpose is to be in the lawsuit of a play away was avenged 2013. At that time, oneself are one of group of lawyer of the other side.

She expresses, cloth Lao Deceng and the Cyprus company that Russ凯全木业有限公司ia businessman has " Prevezon " because wash cash proposal,litigate in American new York. "Prevezon " the company is sentenced finally innoc建筑施工模板安全技术规范KOent.建筑模板十大品牌 "I believe by Bulaode rearward plan promotes this issue absolutely, the purpose retaliates the lawsuit of his play away namely. The purpose retaliates the lawsuit of his play away namely..

Weisailinicikaya also clarifies again, the meeting of oneself and small Telangpu and American president election do not have any correlation, just discussed how to defy Bulaode.

This Russia female lawyer still worries about the safety of onese建筑模板配方AUlf and its family. She discloses although be in,say with small Telangpuhui before, bulaode has sent a person to monitor she and her family.

It is reported, bulaode is long already to Russia hostility. 2013, he is sentenced 9 years to imprison because of dodge a tax. He also is Russia auditor Mageniciji's boss. According to " China Daily " the report before the net is early, mageniciji came 1997 audit activity is developed during March 29, 2002, connect to Fei Ersi - when client of branch of office of Deng Ken's attorney provides accountant and taxation statistic service, make and implemented the plan of illegal dodge a tax that is helpful for Bulaode.

Outside eliminating dodge a tax, russia executes the law the branch still accuses Bulaode only with " Kameya " company name presses the price under home market to buy 130 million much share of company of industry of Russia natural gas illegally, value not under 2 billion ruble, cause espec建筑工程土石方施工许模板ially big loss to Russia. (Compile / ab海子木业-代理CFroad net Zhang Ni)

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